Our mission is to promote all forms of Nordic skiing as a healthy activity for all ages and abilities. Among our core activities are maintaining and grooming over 140 kilometers of ski trails for recreation and touring, as well as performance skiing and racing.
Serving Anchorage's Nordic ski community requires the year-round commitment of a small but dedicated staff, hundreds of hard-working volunteers, and a fleet of specialized heavy equipment. More importantly, the generous support of our members and donors is what
makes all of this possible.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This morning at Kincaid, while it was just below freezing, Craig took the snow cat out and ever so gently groomed the Mize, Margaux's, Jodhpur, Lekisch, Elliot's to World Cup and the Sisson.  He set new track on those trails as well, which came out a bit shallow in places due to the ice build-up. 

It was cool enough this morning on the Hillside, so Tom took the snow cat out and hit the skate lanes on the Lighted Loops.  He also groomed and set new track on the Gas Line, Double Bubble, the Multi- Use trail and on a portion of Randy's.  He's been doing some brush cutting on the Spencer and plans to make a few passes there with the snow machine this afternoon.  Yesterday, he did make it down the Tour Trail to MLK and set new track. 

Bill has been working on the trails at Eagle River HS and Yosemite Dr. today.  He scratched up the lanes with the snow machine and said the classic track is in bad shape.  The base temperature is 29 degrees with water in the low spots.  He was very grateful to Eric and his wife for taking the time to clean up all the twigs from the trails!  Thank You Both!!

All the groomers are expecting rain, at some point, but they are out making the best of the situation.  Enjoy the skiing while it lasts!