Our mission is to promote all forms of Nordic skiing as a healthy activity for all ages and abilities. Among our core activities are maintaining and grooming over 140 kilometers of ski trails for recreation and touring, as well as performance skiing and racing.
Serving Anchorage's Nordic ski community requires the year-round commitment of a small but dedicated staff, hundreds of hard-working volunteers, and a fleet of specialized heavy equipment. More importantly, the generous support of our members and donors is what
makes all of this possible.


Sunday, December 8, 2013 **Update** 3:15pm

Craig groomed for two races last night at Kincaid...the  AK Cup and a Biathlon race both scheduled for today.  He said the trails he groomed yesterday, the Lighted Loops, the Multi-Use trail, Easy Street and the S Turns, were still in pretty good shape, so he just focused on what was needed for today.  He packed the entire stadium and did Margaux's to the Mt. View Cutoff and back into the Biathlon range via Stairway.  Skiing should be decent. 

Matt was out last night chopping up the race course for the AK Cup going on there today.  He said the trails were very hard and he had to make multiple passes to get them skiable.  He groomed the Lighted Loops, Double Bubble and the Gasline.  It was pretty foggy when he left and things were starting to ice up a bit, but the snow was still edge-able.  Be careful on those down-hills!

Bill has taken the rubber-tracked snow cat to the trails at Beach Lake today to see if he can crack the top layer of ice.  So far, it's been successful and he is leaving a skiable surface in his wake.  He has yet to attempt the hilly terrain, so time and temperature will tell.

**Update**3:00 pm
Bill checked in and is happy to say that by 4:00 this afternoon he will have groomed the whole park at Beach Lake.  He said it all went really well and the trails are in good shape.  The snow is a bit grainy but the folks who are out there are getting some good glide.  He said that since there is only 1.75" of base, he's only scarfing the surface with the tiller and that there are areas where there are icy spots woven, be aware and ski with caution.  He also said that he was going to put down some track around and up the middle of the stadium.

Have a great Sunday!