Our mission is to promote all forms of Nordic skiing as a healthy activity for all ages and abilities. Among our core activities are maintaining and grooming over 140 kilometers of ski trails for recreation and touring, as well as performance skiing and racing.
Serving Anchorage's Nordic ski community requires the year-round commitment of a small but dedicated staff, hundreds of hard-working volunteers, and a fleet of specialized heavy equipment. More importantly, the generous support of our members and donors is what
makes all of this possible.


Friday, March 15, 1:40 pm

Craig and Chuck were tag teaming this morning.  With the "freeze-thaw" thing that's been going on, Chuck used the PB 100 in the front to precut the snow while Craig came along after in the PB 600 and set new track/lanes and made it all look pretty.  Way to go guys!  They groomed the Entire Park, with the exception of the Lake Loop and the Horseshoe.  The sun is shining, it's gorgeous out and Craig said at 1:30pm that the trails are "absolutely perfect!"  Better get it while the getting is good.  Have a great day!
Yesterday, Tom took a spin down the Tour Trail to APU where he groomed the Goose Lake Connector, the Mahaffey System and the Stadium at APU, setting new track all the way. On the way back he hit the Service HS Stadium, Randy's and the Jr. Nordic Loop. He then cleaned up the skate lanes on the Spencer, Double Bubble, Hillside Loop and the Besh Loop. All the tracks are holding and the trails look beautiful and are in great shape for both classic and skate. Enjoy!
Today, Tom was doing some maintenance work this morning, but plans to head up to the Hillside later this evening and tune up the skate lanes and set new track where needed.
Last night, Bill took the Pisten Bully and ground up most of the park at Beach Lake.  He took out the old, messy tracks that were full of debris, and put down some nice, clean new ones.  He also groomed the skate lanes and said it all came out a little "cobby", but the trails are in great shape for both classic and skate.  Should be pretty fast.  Have a great weekend!
We will be aiming to have great conditions for both classic and skate skiing for the weekends only at Bartlett for the rest of the season. The contract with ASD to groom at Bartlett has run out with the end of the high school ski season. We have to be a little more targeted with our work as it is member's money that pays for the grooming now. Thanks and have fun!
"UWAX is Back" Kincaid weather hotline is back online 248-UWAX (248-8929) will give Time, Temp in F, Wind direction, wind speed & humidity. Listen closely, - Hal, the automated voice, is a bit hard to understand. Huge thank you to Karl Volz for making that happen.