Our mission is to promote all forms of Nordic skiing as a healthy activity for all ages and abilities. Among our core activities are maintaining and grooming over 140 kilometers of ski trails for recreation and touring, as well as performance skiing and racing.
Serving Anchorage's Nordic ski community requires the year-round commitment of a small but dedicated staff, hundreds of hard-working volunteers, and a fleet of specialized heavy equipment. More importantly, the generous support of our members and donors is what
makes all of this possible.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Kincaid:  All three loops on the SML (Snow Making Loop) have been groomed with fresh track. The Yellow, Orange and Pink trails are all open!
This Sunday at Kincaid on the SML:  

 Alaska Ski for Women from approx. 10 am -1 pm.

Hillside:  Craig was out this morning on the snow machine and scratched up all the Lighted Loops.  With great trust and bravery, he has taken the snow cat out on the Spencer and deglazed the trail!!  He said it should be edge-able and fast, so ski with caution and watch for dirt spots and rocks, which will slow you right down. 

Tomorrow on the trails at Hillside:
Ski For Relief, Saturday February 6 at 11:00 am. 
"We have the choice to ski, or not. In three hot regions of the world: Burma, Iraq and South Sudan, many ethnic people have no choice but to run from their oppressors. On February 6, 2016 at 11:00 am on the Hillside trails, you have the choice of techniques- skate or classic- to ski for oppressed people in Kurdistan, Sudan and Burma. Choose to Ski!"
For more information follow this link:

Beach Lake Trails:  Bill took the snow cat out yesterday and deglazed the flat trails.  Today, he is dealing with the overflow from the pond on Mama's loop that has crossed the trail.  Ski with caution in that area.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 **1:30 Beach Lake Trails update

Kincaid:  Ricky cleaned up the SML (Snow Making Loop) and set double best line (two sets of tracks) for the ASD Middle School classic race this afternoon from 3:30-about 5pm. If you're looking for a place to skate ski today, please avoid the SML until after the races are over this afternoon.  We'd really like the kids to have the best possible course for their race.  You are welcome to classic ski before and after the race.  Thanks for your cooperation. 

The YELLOW LOOP is now officially OPEN.  They're still doing a little work out there today, but it's skiable.  No tracks set at this point.  Please, no more walking on this section of's SKI ONLY from here on out.

Events to Remember:

Alaska Ski for Women this Sunday at Kincaid on the SML from approx. 10 am -1 pm.

Hillside:  Repeat of the last few days.  Peter is up there on the snow machine cleaning up the trails that Matt ground up last Sunday.  The Lighted loops and connector to Service.

Eagle River High School:  Bill went out yesterday with the snow cat and thought he'd try to make "something" skiable, but the base layer of ice is still too thin.  He was able to gently groom the Stadium as there is more snow out in the open than on the trails.

Beach Lake Trails:  Bill scuffed up the flat trail loop this morning...Main St., Swamp, Chalet Loop, North Pasture, Mama's and Low Rd.  Be aware that there is water (ice) that has flowed over the trail on Mama's just before the bridge (from the pond to Meander).  Be VERY careful on all the trails...the conditions are still marginal with a fair amount of dirt and rocks.  Bill worked on the first part of the Bridge Loop, but because of the dirt and icy hills, he can't recommend skiing this trail.    

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 ** 1:00 pm Hillside Update

Kincaid:  The day shift made snow until 1:30 pm yesterday when the temperature was a bit too high for them to continue to make good quality snow.  They made great progress on the Yellow Loop (around the Chalet/Sledding Hill) and will continue to work on that today.  Last night, Bill and Craig fired up the system once more around 10:00 pm and now the day crew is continuing to make snow, while Ricky pushes the piles and grooms.  They hope to make snow until this afternoon when the forecast calls for warmer temperatures.

The SML (Snow Making Loop) has been groomed with fresh tracks.  The Yellow Loop is NOT officially open and Ricky will continue to work out there today.  We'll keep you posted on his progress.

Events on the SML this week:

ASD-Middle School Classic Race #2 on Wednesday (tomorrow) from approx. 3-5 pm.
Alaska Ski for Women on Sunday from approx. 10 am -1 pm.

Hillside:  Peter just called in with an update on the Hill.  The phone connection was sketchy, but it sounded like he just went over the same trails as yesterday ( Besh, Hillside,
connector to Service).  It was clear when he said the conditions are for "advanced skiers" and that the trails are somewhat edge-able.  Beginners will have the slide of their lives.  Be careful out there!