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Hillside Trail Question and Answer

Hello Trail Users and Happy Fall!! 

We hope you've all had a safe and enjoyable summer.  There is certainly a "nip" in the air and the termination dust is on the mountain tops. You know what that means....winter is on it's way!

But before the inevitable, we sure hope that you are milking these beautiful, sunny days and getting out to ride your bike, walk, run, hike or just to soak up the gorgeous colors and enjoy the trails. 

We had a question on September 17 from a "long time ski club member" concerning the trail maintenance on the Spencer Loop and, with his permission, we thought we'd post it here, along with our answer ...just in case some of you have been wondering the same thing.  (Name withheld for privacy reasons).



   The Spencer loop is a nasty, muddy mess due to work being done by the ski club. Granted it's rained a lot but it ALWAYS rains a lot in the fall. So that begs the question; Why is trail work being done now, as opposed to mid summer, when weather is generally drier? Basically the trail is unusable due the deplorable condition which makes it a bummer for hikers, runners, bikers, etc....
   Also, can you please explain the rationale for creating the short but new trail on the lower part of the Spencer loop? I hope this doesn't mean they will stop grooming up to the main branch of the Spencer as this provides a very convenient way of skiing either the first or second half of the loop.

   Thanks, and look forward to hearing back from you,

   A "long time ski club member"


Dear "Long time ski club member,"

 Thank you for your inquiry. We're always excited to hear from our members.

 We agree with you that this work is better done in the middle of the summer. This is why we started the Hillside Trail Restoration Project in the second week of June and have had our entire Operations crew of three, working full-time since then. Over the summer, our crew has worked throughout the Hillside trail system to overhaul the trouble spots and restore width and alignment where needed. Consequently, the Spencer Loop has been the last trail to restore and has been subjected to much rain and mud. We have permission to post "TRAIL CLOSED" signs on the Spencer and approval for them to remain closed until freeze-up. By doing so, we hope this will help stabilize the surface and encourage re-vegetation. Sometimes it just gets muddy, however, we have done our best to compact the trails after we worked the dirt in order to keep the mud to a minimum. Depending on the amount of rain, there is only so much we can do. Our mission is to construct stable trails in the most economical fashion using the most natural existing materials, thereby allowing us to better maintain the trails in low snow conditions.

 The "short but new trail on the lower part of the Spencer loop" you are referring to is not "new". We have merely restored the alignment of the original trail that was built and designed by Bill Spencer many years ago. The reason for resurrecting that section of trail on the start of the Spencer is about safety. In the past, there have been a number of injuries on this section, aka "the corkscrew". Also, in certain conditions, it can be very difficult to groom. We will continue to groom the connector to the middle of the Spencer.

 We suspect that there are other people with similar thoughts and would like to ask for your permission to post your inquiry and our answer on our blog page. Once again, thank you for your note and we hope we've answered your questions and addressed your concerns.We look forward to hearing from you regarding this request.

 NSAA Operations

Summer Trail Work Begins

NSAA's grooming staff has been hard at work getting our trails in shape for the first snow fall.
Starting today, June 16, they will be doing spot work on the Hillside trails.

Keep your eyes peeled for trail closures.  We'll do our best to keep these to a minimum.  But, for safety, especially when doing dangerous work such as tree cutting, we will need to close small portions of some trails.

At this time, all our work is on the Hillside.

Check back for more updates as the summer progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns about trail work this summer, please email

Monday, April 21, 2014

HILLSIDE:  This is it!  Tom has declared this his last day of grooming on the Hillside.  This morning he groomed the first half of the Spencer and said it's still in pretty good shape, until the top where the dirt makes an appearance.  Double Bubble, Besh and the Hillside loop near Coach's Cut-off are all in marginal shape.  Tom says if you're looking for the most skiable trails, try the Spencer and the Richter.  Enjoy! 

All the Groomers would like to thank you for a great season and for your contributions to NSAA!  Your continued support and donations go a long way to ensure that the trails are maintained and safe  for everyone to enjoy....year-round!  The Groomers have a busy summer planned with some much needed trail maintenance, fleet repairs and equipment modifications.  Enjoy the trails all over Alaska and have a great summer!